Keep Your Industrial Facility Safe With Duct Cleaning


In a residential environment, duct cleanings are important primarily for efficiency needs. However, in an industrial space, duct cleaning is a vital safety measure. Make sure you are not overlooking the condition of your industrial ductwork to keep your employees and your facility safe. Understanding the Dangers In order to fully understand the importance of properly maintaining your industrial ductwork, it's vital that you know what the risks are. The primary risk is that the type of dust that collects in an industrial space is typically combustible.

20 December 2017

4 Reasons to Invest in Furniture Cleaning Services


If you're sick of looking at your old, dirty furniture, you may be wondering what options you have available to you. While buying new furniture is an option to consider, that can be incredibly pricey, especially if you want high-quality furniture that will last. Why buy new when you love the feel and comfort that your current furniture offers? Instead, it's a good idea to hire for upholstery cleaning. Keep reading to better understand the reasons as to why you may want to invest in furniture cleaning services.

6 November 2017

4 Tips To Keep Your Windows Sparkly And Clean


As a homeowner, you might find yourself constantly dealing with dirty, streaky windows. If you are wondering if it's actually possible to keep your windows sparkly and clean, you should know that these tips can help: 1. Hire a Good Window Cleaning Service Getting your windows nice and clean can be a good job. However, luckily, window cleaning services often don't charge much and often do a great job. To get your windows sparkling clean, you may want to consider hiring one of these services to help you.

26 October 2017

Have Pesky Orange Cheese-Colored Stains On Your Carpet? How To Give Your Carpet Its Color Back


For some reason, cheese products, ranging from Cheetos to goldfish to chips, like to leave behind a powdery orange residue on your hands. If you have small kids, you also probably see this powdery orange residue in other areas of your home, such as on the corner of cabinets and on your carpet. If parts of your carpet have been turned orange by the little orange food lovers in your house, here is how you can give your carpet its color back

29 July 2017

Options For Repairing A Chipped Granite Countertop


Granite countertops take a lot of hard use in the kitchen. They tolerate hot pans and sharp knives. However, since they are natural stone, they can be chipped when something heavy like a pan or bottle is dropped on them. Chips and cracks in granite can be repaired. You can use a DIY kit or call in a professional. Here's a look at these options. Buy A Granite Repair Kit

25 July 2017

Did Your Dog Have An Accident? Clean It Up Using A Natural Homemade Treatment


Sometimes if you get home later than usual, you might not make it in time to let your dog out, and your canine friend has an accident on your carpet. If you want to tackle the stain right away without using harsh chemicals that could harm your pet, use the following natural homemade treatment for getting rid of pet urine stains and the odors they cause. What You Will Need Before you begin, you will need to gather together the ingredients and supplies listed below.

29 June 2017

3 Reasons Why Mold Removal Is Not Easy


If you have mold in your house, your first instinct might be to try to get rid of it. However, unfortunately, this job is not as easy as you might think. These are a few reasons why. 1. Not All Cleaners Can Work Well for Removing Mold First of all, you should know that not all cleaners work well for mold removal. If you are thinking about whipping out your favorite scented all-purpose cleaner or a homemade blend that you have whipped up, you should know that there is a good chance that it will not work well at getting rid of the mold in your home.

7 May 2017

How To Wash Net Curtains


If you have a dirty net curtain, it is possible to restore it. Net curtains, sometimes called sheer curtains, are made from a thin, clear mesh fabric. They let in the right amount of light without sacrificing privacy. However, most net curtains are white, which means they show dirt easily, especially in cooking areas. Here are tips to clean net curtains. Prepare to Work For this project, you need a:  

29 April 2017

Give an Expectant Mother Peace of Mind by Purchasing Cleaning Services as a Baby Shower Gift


When you find out that a loved one is having a baby in the near future, it may be hard to determine what gift to give them. Many people choose to give cribs, strollers, or other baby items that the mother and the baby may need. Consider thinking outside of the box and purchasing cleaning services for the expectant mother. Having a baby can be stressful and time-consuming. Use the guide below for a few tips for purchasing home cleaning services for your loved one to use after they have their little bundle of joy.

25 April 2017

Looking for Long-term Results? Get Carpet Cleaning with Follow-Up Protection


Maintaining your carpet is something that requires constant effort because it is the surface that gets walked on by feet, shoes, boots, and paws daily. It takes all the dirt and grime that come off as well, which means you need to be adamant about vacuuming and stain cleaning to keep the carpet looking nice. But, you will appreciate the work that professional carpet cleaning can do in its deep cleaning capabilities.

24 April 2017