Hosting Parties during the Holidays

During the holiday season, I adore hosting parties at my home. I always enjoy spending time with close friends and family members in a relaxed atmosphere. Are you already busily planning upcoming events at your home? Consider making your house look amazing when visitors arrive by hiring a professional cleaning service. A cleaning service can complete tedious chores such as vacuuming your carpets, mopping your hardwood floors, cleaning your oven, and dusting your furniture. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of hiring a cleaning service before your guests are expected to arrive. Your home can be a spotless party paradise.

Did Your Dog Have An Accident? Clean It Up Using A Natural Homemade Treatment


Sometimes if you get home later than usual, you might not make it in time to let your dog out, and your canine friend has an accident on your carpet. If you want to tackle the stain right away without using harsh chemicals that could harm your pet, use the following natural homemade treatment for getting rid of pet urine stains and the odors they cause.

What You Will Need

Before you begin, you will need to gather together the ingredients and supplies listed below.

  • Roll of plain white paper towels
  • Baking soda
  • Plastic spray bottle
  • One cup of white distilled vinegar
  • Five drops of orange oil
  • Vacuum cleaner

When applied to the urine, baking soda absorbs the residual moisture in your carpet fibers. It also neutralizes the ammonia in the urine that gives it such as strong odor.

The white distilled vinegar takes the carpet cleaning process a step further when combined with the baking soda. The chemical reaction between the acid in the vinegar and the baking soda base makes a foaming action that takes the cleaners deep within the stain.

Not only does the orange oil give the cleaners a pleasant scent that overpowers the ammonia stench, but it also eliminates any germs that may have started growing in the urine. The orange oil has antibacterial properties that kill the bacteria to sanitize the carpet fibers.


Once you have gathered together everything you need, follow the directions below to clean the urine out of your carpet.

  1. Use the paper towels to blot up as much of the excess urine as possible. Do not rub the carpet, as this could spread the urine and break down the towels, leaving tiny pieces all over your carpet.
  2. Sprinkle a thick layer of baking soda on the stain, and let it absorb the urine for about an hour.
  3. In the plastic spray bottle, mix together the vinegar and orange oil, shaking vigorously to mix the ingredients.
  4. Saturate the baking soda with the vinegar. When you see it start to foam, the chemical reaction has started.
  5. Let the carpet dry overnight.
  6. Vacuum up the stain and cleaners the next morning.

Using the above treatment can help you remove your dog's urine stains while they are still fresh. However, if your dog has had several accidents that have set into the carpet fibers, contact a carpet cleaning service to have them professionally clean your carpet to get rid of the stains and odors.


29 June 2017