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Tips To Help You Find Recycled Pallets And Discarded Construction Lumber To Build Home Storage Shelves

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With a new year beginning, it can be a good time for tackling New Year's resolutions you have set, forming new habits, and organizing your home. Before you can organize and clean your home, a new set of storage shelves can help you get started. You don't have to buy brand new storage shelves, as you can use recycled materials to make them. Here are some tips to help you find some used and discarded construction lumber and shipping pallets that you can use to build into storage shelves.

Locate Wooden Shipping Pallets

This type of shipping and packing item is not one that you may have around your home, unless you purposely salvaged it from a local business to repurpose or use in your home's decor. A wooden shipping pallet has many uses from home storage to making furniture. An average-sized wooden pallet can hold up to 5,000 pounds, which makes it perfect for using as a section of shelving in your home's storage.

Because pallets are such a hot item for crafting ideas recently, you might find it hard to locate extra, unused pallets. Old pallets are often discarded by local small businesses to be thrown out when they get too many and don't have a use for them. Larger companies usually already have a system in place with their suppliers to recycle and reuse pallets so they don't pile up. For this reason, contact several small businesses in your area and ask if they have any extras you can repurpose.

It can be helpful to check with specific businesses that are more likely to have extra wooden pallets, due to the type of merchandise they receive regularly. This includes small garden and hardware stores, motorcycle shops, and power equipment and lawnmower stores. Check back often with a small, local business for any new pallets they may get with their merchandise, as they may have a larger collection of pallets at a later time. And busier times of year, such as during the holidays, may help you in finding more unneeded pallets.

If there are any new businesses opening in your area, a lot of their merchandise they receive to stock their new store may come on pallets, leaving them with an overabundance of them. While they are busy setting up and running their new business location, they may not know what to do with the pallets and let you have some. Be sure to ask them during non-peak hours for their business, so you don't ask them during an inconvenient time. 

Find Unused Construction Lumber

Did you know many construction companies have extra pieces of lumber and plywood that they discard because they can't use it? During the construction of a home or other building many small construction companies will place any excess or unusable plywood and lengths of lumber into a pile for burning or into their construction debris dumpster.

As construction crews trim their framing lumber for the specified dimensions of the construction job, they can end up with a pile of lumber sections deemed too short to use. Fortunately, this is when you can take them to use for your own projects. These types of shorter lengths of lumber are perfect for building the framework for a shelving unit for your home storage.

Visit the construction site during their working hours so you can ask someone who is in-charge. You may have more success getting this type of free lumber from smaller or locally-owned construction companies. They may have a "burn" pile of wood for you to pick from or it may already be dumped in their dumpster. In the case of a dumpster, be careful that you don't become injured while pulling any lumber out. You may want to ask a member of the construction crew to get the materials for you to prevent any liability on their end if you were to get injured.

Now you have pallets for the storage shelves and the lumber to build the storage shelve frame structure.


31 January 2017