Hosting Parties during the Holidays

During the holiday season, I adore hosting parties at my home. I always enjoy spending time with close friends and family members in a relaxed atmosphere. Are you already busily planning upcoming events at your home? Consider making your house look amazing when visitors arrive by hiring a professional cleaning service. A cleaning service can complete tedious chores such as vacuuming your carpets, mopping your hardwood floors, cleaning your oven, and dusting your furniture. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of hiring a cleaning service before your guests are expected to arrive. Your home can be a spotless party paradise.

Hiring A House Cleaning Service For The First Time: Common Questions


If you have always cleaned your own house, hiring someone else to clean for the first time might be a little intimidating. But hiring a house cleaning service can save you a lot of time and ensure you have a nice, tidy abode to return home to each evening. Exploring the answers to these common questions might make you feel more comfortable about taking this step.

Do you have to hire a cleaner to clean your whole home? 

No. You can hire a cleaner to clean as few or as many rooms as you would like. If you only want them to clean the kitchen and bathroom, you can specify that when you hire them. If you want them to clean the living room, they can do that too. Many people prefer not to have professional cleaners clean their bedrooms, so your cleaners won't think that's strange at all.

Will the cleaners come when you're home?

You can schedule them when you'll be home if you're more comfortable with that. Often, people like to be home the first couple of times the cleaners come so they can get to know them and answer any questions they might have. Then, the cleaners can come while you're at work if it's more convenient. 

How often do house cleaners come?

Most cleaning companies have a few different schedules for you to choose from. Many people have cleaners come once a week, usually on the same day each week. However, if you are tidy, aren't home a lot, and/or do some basic cleaning yourself, you can sign a contract that has them come every month. Most cleaning companies offer that as an option too.

How do you pay cleaners?

These days, most cleaning services accept app-based payments. So, you can pay with a credit card or via a third-party app. You may want to leave a cash tip for your cleaner. Leaving a tip is customary. However, you can often tip them via an app or the booking service if you don't have cash.

Do cleaners do your laundry?

Most don't. You may be able to pay extra for this service, but it is not typically included in a house cleaning contract and some companies don't offer laundry services at all.

Hopefully, this article has cleared up a few things about hiring cleaners. Doing so may be one of the most freeing steps you take in your life.

Contact a local cleaning service, such as ACS Cleaning Services, to learn more. 


27 October 2022